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By | March 8th, 2016|Women Occupy Hollywood|Comments Off on Join the Movement

In the United States of America, WOMEN ARE NOT GUARANTEED EQUAL RIGHTS by the Constitution.

Every day there are discriminatory injustices committed against women. Many people are under the illusion that our open-minded, emancipated, advanced society has already granted women equal protection under the law. But that is NOT TRUE!

The ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), dating back to 1923, which grants Equal Rights to Women in America, isn’t an Amendment to the Constitution yet because, though it passed in 35 States in the 70’s, it has never passed in the 38 States FINAL WOH logo 5required for the Amendment to be ratified.

And even though the Amendment has been presented to Congress every year and never passed, it has disappeared from the consciousness of America, and much of the younger generation doesn’t even know that this rights don’t exist.

And […]