We are WRITERS – DIRECTORS – PRODUCERS – ACTRESSES – DOP’s – EDITORS – COMPOSERS – CASTING DIRECTORS  – WOMEN of any nationality, ethnicity and age, working ABOVE & BELOW THE LINE in the film industry, imagining, creating and shaping a NEW PARADIGM for the present and future generations of Women in Film.

We won’t ask for PERMISSION anymore – We want to and we will make MOVIES on our own terms.

WE want to OCCUPY our rightful place in the mainstream Industry and at the same time create an alternative to the Hollywood system, a true reinvigorated Independent Cinema. 

Let’s connect here and build a MOVEMENT to STORM THE GATES of an Industry that lacks and sorely needs our UNIQUE VOICE.


WE want EQUAL RIGHTS for all WOMEN in America. WE demand that the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) be ratified.

WE want EQUAL RIGHTS for WOMEN in Film.

We want the SAME OPPORTUNITY to work, to create, express ourselves and support our families as men have.

WE demand  EQUAL hiring – EQUAL presence – EQUAL treatment – EQUAL Pay in the creative, technical and business arenas of the Entertainment Industry.

WE DEMAND storytelling on TV & in FILMS and other content that MIRRORS our SOCIETY with EQUAL written and visual REPRESENTATION of WOMEN.

WE want an EQUAL percentage of films, TV Shows and other content to be written and directed by WOMEN as by men.

WE want stories told from WOMEN’S unique and original point of view to be as present in the Industry as stories told by men.

WE need to eliminate the imbalance between male and female dominated stories and change the mentality that only male driven stories are worth telling and disprove the lie that female driven stories don’t make money.

The Industry must PRODUCE Film, Television and other content that respects the complexity of WOMEN. WE will no longer accept the STEREOTYPES through which Hollywood portrays US. 

The Industry must portray female characters with the same breath, depth and variety with which it portrays male ones. 


Goal #1 – To build a movement to achieve equality for women in film and all women in the United States of America.

Goal #2 – To ensure that the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) is ratified.

Goal #3 – To eradicate gender bias and promote the hiring of women in every field of the entertainment industry.

Goal #4 – To expose, disrupt and reverse the discrimination that is practiced at every level of the industry against women and in particular against women writers and directors.

Goal #5 – To promote women’s exploration and discovery of their own voices in order to create an alternative to the present male-dominated Hollywood model.

Goal #6 –  To advocate the equal presence of women’s voices in the industry through content  created, produced, written and/or directed by women.

Goal #7 – To encourage all actors, especially powerful ones, to seek out and make movies, TV Shows and any other content written, directed and/or produced by women.

Goal #8 – To bring together women writers-directors-producers and financiers to create an alternative to the male dominated industry in order to develop, finance, produce and distribute films made by women.

Goal #9 – To build a community where women help each other and are vigorous and tireless promoters of each other’s talents and skills.

 Goal #10 – To kick ASS.