18 04, 2017

Interview with Vanessa Hope director of the doc “ALL EYES AND EARS”

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A unique voice. A unique filmmaker. A unique background. A unique mind. This is VANESSA HOPE, the writer, director and producer of the documentary “ALL EYES AND EARS”.

The documentary follows the Mormon former Governor of Utah, John Huntsman, in his four-year term as American ambassador in Beijing, China. The ambassador’s story is intertwined with interviews of his adopted Chinese daughter Gracie Mei and blind Civil Rights leader/advocate Chen Guangcheng.

Two men and a girl. Where the men represent the two main faces of the world, the girl represents the future, the question not the answer. Nothing is black and white in this tale. There are many shades of gray, certainly more than fifty.

“ALL EYES AND EARS” is a […]

7 11, 2016

Interview with Amy Adrion Director of the Doc ‘HALF THE PICTURE’

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Amy Adrion is the director and producer of the documentary “HALF THE PICTURE” about gender bias against women directors in the entertainment industry. She started her film ten months ago when the debate about women directors was extremely hot. Now we are at the end of 2016 and the data revealed by several institutions is still very depressing. It looks like not so much has changed despite the noise.

So many programs, panels, studies, summits are dedicated to this topic but women directors are still largely unemployed. We don’t know the results of the EEOC investigation yet and we look forward to hearing them.

Women directors still fight to get their first, second and third films off the ground. Many of them refuse to ask […]

13 09, 2016

Interview with Susan McMartin Writer of the Film ‘MR. CHURCH’

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Before that night when I sat down at the Soho House for the screening of the film “MR. CHURCH”, I had spoken with Susan McMartin just once. During the Tribeca Film Festival we had a conversation on the phone regarding the script she had written ten years earlier becoming a film with such a huge star as Eddie Murphy as the protagonist.

On the phone I had already gotten a glimpse of a special person and a gifted writer, but I wasn’t ready for what happened that night in that exclusive screening room when the lights went off and the opening credits of Mr. Church started to scroll down the screen.

Almost immediately I was emotionally gripped in the story of a little girl, a sick mother and the man sent by an old lover […]