26 08, 2017

WEHO Women’s Equality Day Ivana Massetti Speech

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Women's Equality Day Flyer - Digital

WEHO Women’s Equality Day – 8/18/17

Speech by Ivana Massetti
writer-director-producer & Women Occupy Hollywood Founder

Tonight we are celebrating the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, which grants women the right to vote.

Thank you to the City of WEHO for giving us the opportunity to get together and watch the important film Equal Means Equal, by the director/activist Kamala Lopez.

Let these words sink in.
Equal Means Equal

In the United States of America, WOMEN ARE NOT GUARANTEED EQUAL RIGHTS by the Constitution.

As you saw in the film, the ERA did pass in 35 States, now 36.

For the first time since 1979, one more state, […]

24 03, 2017

March 26th, 2017 Rally & Walk for Equality & the #ERA

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File Mar 23, 4 12 50 PM

My name is Ivana Massetti and I’m the founder of Women Occupy Hollywood. I’m a writer-director-producer of films and television.

I was always a feminist and an activist, but I decided to do more for women when I witnessed first-hand the cruel gender inequality that plagues the movie and TV industry in Hollywood. Women are almost completely absent from the cultural NARRATIVE in this country.

Only 4% of the top 1,114 Hollywood films in the past 10 years were directed by women, despite the fact that 50% of film school graduates are WOMEN. In other words, there is no issue of availability or capability of women that justifies that number.

Very few women write movies, direct movies […]